Presi. Alpha Bah at National Sport  Center  Blaine MN 11 06 2011 for EID UL ADHA PRAYER

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"Today's Update 5th November 2011" 
Guiam News

The sister in the middle, Sister Mayala Keita is a Guiam member. She had an accident recently at her resident and broke her leg (Left) . She is in good condition for now.  The photo was take on independence day  53rd  Anniversary  at Willow Brook Park Party Room on 10/03/2011. Please join us Guiam members today for a Guiam visit at her house in Blaine MN  today @ 5:30. p.m. Call Kemo, Ton-ton Mboup or Presi, Alpha Bah, Lamin Kaba  for direction to her residence.   612 226 7679 / 612 876 8040 / 612 703 1918 / 612 998 1525

Camara , Kemo Camara, Lamin Kaba, & Presi. Alpha Bah

Mr. Bouba Keita arrived in Conakry, Guinea

at around 4:00 p.m. Minnesota time.

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Right   Mr. Bouba Keita

Left  VP Madam Delphine

 Below is Presi. Alpha Bah of Guiam

 God has answered Mr. Bouba Keita's prayer after a long struggle he is finally heading for Conakry , Guinea according  to a close relative. Mr. Keita will be greeted by his mother and other close relatives. Mr keita once met with Imam Baba Diallo from Mali @ masjid' Nurr to pray for him.  Left is Mr. Bouba Keita (Left front row, wearing a black jacket with a green pen in the middle of his chest wearing deep blue with & white horizontal  lines T shirt) with other Muslim brothers at Masjid' Nur listening to Imam Baba Dialio's lectures. Mr. B. Keita is expected to dembark at Gbaesia Conakry International Airport in Guinea on the 11/01/2011. Full story will posted later. Mr. Sekou D. J.  Mansare is thanking the entire Guinea Association of Minnesota members & the Guinea Community , friends,plus the Ivory Coast Association of Minnesota  that helped facilitate and finance the trip of our their brother to make it easy for him and his family to achieve their long awaited dream. Thank you a billion time D J Sekou Masare said. Photo taken  & reported by Presi Alpha Bah. 31st October 2011 11:00 p.m.