Help Fund a clean water well Project in
Jawleko-Kankalabe -Dalaba-Guinea 

Proposed Water Project for
Jawleko-Kankalabe-Dalaba-Guinea (JKDG) 2016-17

Donate a fresh water well to a third world country

    1. Through your support we invest in proven partners who are drilling fresh water wells, providing sanitation and hygiene training and constructing other sustainable water projects.
    1. We show every donor the specific impact of their gifts through map coordinates of every project.
  1. We follow up, monitor and evaluate the projects you support to help ensure our shared work has a long-term impact.

believe that every supporter can be part of the story of water by learning, acting, giving and then seeing the difference they make.  We're looking for willing hands...are you ready?

    Housing                   Project 2             This is the current situation  Project 1 Expected Transformation Stage 1  Stage 2 will look like this