alhaji mohamed a. s. bah,   


amab foundation is non-profit organizations. it is structured purposely for non-profit businesses. as an executive director i  sit in the top spot in amab foundation and perform a range of duties. i shed light into how amab foundation function on the inside. i work with the board of directors to provide strategic guidance, valuable contacts and resources to amab foundation. as the most senior manager in the operational pyramid, one of my executive main roles is to act as a liaison between the board of directors and the rest of the organization, meet with the board regularly monthly or quarterly basis to keep them informed on operational issues and work with them to come up with strategic solutions to intricate challenges. my responsibility is to administer the heads of each subdivision in amab foundation, including marketing, fundraising, program development, human resource management and accounting. in most cases, i supervise one or more lower-level officials.  committee leaders seek my advice for strategic guidance in their areas. i lead the fundraising department in setting annual income goals; i work with program development managers to set standards for serving the organizations targeted needs groups. i handle all accounting duties and half of the fundraising duties, in addition to my executive level duties. i play pivotal roles outside my office and after normal business hours. i am designated to attend and possibly host a range of fundraising events, new program inaugurations and public relations events. i am in the capacity to often speak directly with reporters, donors, government representatives and members of the community at these events, i spend a good deal of time acting as the public face of amab foundation. my challenge and expectation is also to maintain an impeccable personal reputation. i consider myself on duty at all time as a representative of amab foundation. i act as a liaison between amab foundation and a range of external stakeholders. i develop and maintain relationships with other nonprofit organization leaders. i look for opportunities to partner with other organizations to serve good causes. work personally with leaders in the business and government world, promoting long-term strategic partnerships or donor relationships to increase the amab foundation's usefulness serving unmet needs.